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GoFlash, software designed especially for your hair and beauty salon management.

GoFlash allows to manage your salon easily. It helps hair and beauty salons owners maximise their revenue, thanks to a clear analysis of employees performance and also sale of services.
NewTechnology sas has gained a long-standing experience.

The CEO, Cristiano Boschi, has been operating in the field of hairstylists for more than 25 years. The company boasts established partnerships with clients and with specific groups of this sector.

GoFlash has been growing steadily until it has become one of the most influential and useful software in Italy.
GoFlash is a complete management software able to satisfy from the most common need, such as customers management, until to the most advanced one, such as data sharing on mobile devices.
In the last few years, GoFlash became a perfect and custom-made solution, thanks also to the use of innovative technology.

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  • assistenza telefonica e tecnica goflash software

    Training - Management - Marketing

    Training course,customer support, marketing and advertising activities.

  • Optimize your salon

    Our main objective is to grow your business with an efficient software.

  • Online Cloud

    Manage your salon with all web options, access all the features anywhere and anytime.

  • goflash software temi personalizzazione grafica


    GoFlash NX is suitable for your needs! Make your experience unique choosing themes, colours of icons, functions and operations.

  • goflash software agenda appuntamenti


    GoFlash is compatible with different operating systems: Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

  • goflash software ipad apple


    The software displays in any device, so you can access from your computer, tablet or smartphone wherever you are.

  • Social network integration

    You have the possibility, through apps, to manage your social networks, keep up with all news, verify weather forecast and much more!

  • Usability

    Every GoFlash feature was designed in close contact with professional hairstylists.

  • Statistics

    GoFlash software supervises your work performance with powerful and effective statistics. Thanks to your data, you can increase your turnover.


Basic archives

Clients/suppliers archive; products/services archive; services setup management; discount.


Simple and complete warehouse management; register of bills/supplier invoices and unloaded consumed materials in the salon, products order, supplier order, warehouse inventory, warehouse estimate and other statistics (for example: How many products I have consumed in the salon in January?). Barcode management; Application of barcode reader.

Fiches loading

Clients fiches loading is efficient and simple. "Salon clients" management saves time. Payments management to get a periodic report, for example the list of transactions of your debit card. Application of mobile app on smartphones and tablets.


GoFlash schedule has a smart interface that allows you to manage appointments booking. Drag and Drop rescheduling. Personalize your display of GoFlash (colours and icons). The app Go calendar is available on tablets and smartphones.


Several statistics track and verify your trend. The results of statistics analysis are detailed employees performance and completed analyzed data.


send SMS/EMAIL MESSAGE, automatically offers, birthday greetings and promotions to clients. Clients subscriptions management (ex. solarium); money: incomes and expenses management; check of payments deadlines; Secure Access: protect your account; possibility to access with a custom-made account; employee report; Network management: GoFlash can be installed on more than one computer and share the same storage (it is required a computer network).

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