Web and Social Media Marketing

Create a social page and successful website

Social-Media Marketing

social marketing

The social network growth allows you to promote your own company, to extend your contacts and provide a fidelity program. New Technology organizes online training programs and courses about Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Our goal involves the management of your web channels and the increase of company visibility.

  • Company profiles
  • Content Marketing
  • Study of web channel image
  • Return in terms of image, statistics analysis and data.

Web Advertising Campaign

web marketing

It is important to create Web Marketing campaigns in order to identify new potential clients. Web advertising is efficient and available for everyone. Thanks to a valid web designer, it is possible to make a clear market analysis. New Technology helps you to increase your business.

  • Market analysis and selection of potential clients
  • Promotional strategy
  • Selection of promotional materials
  • Optimisation of advertising campaign

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

google seo

It is necessary to create expedited and interesting contents for users to rank among the first places in search engines. New Technology chooses carefully the most targeted keywords for your sector to increase your web visibility and then maximise your business.

  • Website contents analysis
  • Research of "trigger words" or keywords
  • Website contents optimisation
  • Web visibility growth/web ranking